The idea of starting the air bnb business has attracted many people especially those who already have an existing asset whose goal is to maximize the value of an investment portfolio over time while maintaining acceptance level of risk. This may start as a side hustle for some and if it goes well it might became a primary source of income. Hosts may be motivated by a range of different benefits that are important and may include, meeting new people, and putting space that sits idle to good use or maybe supplement their income.

What location works for an air bnb?

The location of a bnb has to be strategic and tailored to meet the targeted customers. Most bnbs in Kenya are located in tourist heavy areas according to standard media such as the coast Naivasha and other places because where there is demand for accommodation and the hotels fail to meet the demand.

What you need to need to start a bnb.

After choosing the unit of the bnb, the next step is to furnish it in-line with your business model. This is a strategic business choice and it has to match the pricing model and location.  Most hosts have a dedicated unit where guests have an entire space to themselves.

Here are some practices to ensure the success of running a bnb business

 Invest in high quality photos to make a difference

Invest in high quality photographs of the bnb. Have a catchy title inviting descriptions and well-staged photos that will be appealing to the guests. The appearance of the air bnb is what catches a client’s eye. Get a photographer to capture the surroundings, amenities and the character of your place. This should be done in natural lighting by a professional photographer and the place should be clean. The photos should help the place stand out and attract the potential guests.


The pricing.

One of the many reasons people prefer the air bnb to hotels is that they are more pocket friendly. As an owner it is your job to research on other neighboring hosts and what they are charging so as to set a reasonable price. Setting a competitive rate will increase the chances of attracting more guests and having a high occupancy rate. Other factors like location and amenities available also matter when deciding how much to charge so the pricing is reasonable.

First impressions.

As an air bnb host friendliness and kindness are virtues you should practice. This first impressions will decide whether the guests feel welcomed or not. You could set up a gift basket, welcome card or some flowers for your guest when they arrive. You may also consider having books music or entertainment options for them to enjoy. If guests are made feel welcome and special they are likely to choose you over someone else.


An air bnb hostess should be willing and ready to devote their time to this cause because it can be time consuming You should always be ready to respond to your guests at any given time because if prospective guests don’t hear from you quickly they will go elsewhere. You should pay attention to notifications and be ready to respond at any given time.

Cleaning services

You may decide to clean the property yourself as this is a way to cut costs. But you may find that sometimes it’s time consuming and decide to hire Cleaning services to ensure the place is clean, tidy and organized you just to provide them with a cleaning checklist.

Have a reliable team

Maintenance is required for this properties. Accidents occasionally occur and you need a convenient and reliable team you can call when something happens. It may be plumber or electrician. You should also have a co-host who are found directly on the air bnb platform or it can also be a family member or friend to stand in your place when you are unavailable to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Install smart locks or a lockbox

Sometimes guests may run late or have delays. Smart locks and lockboxes comes in handy because they don’t require keys and they are activated by passwords and codes so guests would just check themselves in. They are the best options in terms of security because the codes are unique and only the assigned guest can access the rental property.


Being a bnb host can be overwhelming and time consuming if you don’t know to manage your business well. It’s up to you to decide whether to keep it as a part time hustle or work your hosting business to make more money. To do it right you need to invest your time and money.

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